10 September 2011

Last Couple of Days


On Thursday we headed down to QA for Paige's Peg Asp, which is chemotherapy delivered via a slow injection into the muscle in her thigh. Russell reckons that both Sam and Paige have inherited their grandma's meaty thighs, so that always holds them in good stead when they have to receive jabs. The nurses are always quite pleased with what they see :-). Of all her treatments though, this was by far the worst, the poor heart screamed the entire time turned bright red and broke into a sweat. Needless to say Wilf, her oncology nurse says that other kids have said that it's feels like concrete running down your legs and that Paige may not walk for about 24 hours. Ha! 10 minutes later she was walking about and trying to get to the general play area because there was a little boy playing there.....as always she never ceases to amaze us. She had a decent rest of the day, ate well and slept ok, as long as I was next to her. Her blood is on it's was down as is expected, her nuetrophils are a mere 0.2.

Paige is now walking around with her hands behind her back just like my father :-) It's so peculiar to see her doing it especially since he's been back in Trinidad since July. She's also learned how to nod 'yes' when asked if she wants more jelly or chocolate pudding. Her spirits were a bit better today but she's still pretty grumpy and clingy. My shoulders now ache from holding her so much while doing other things like cooking. I've got some highly developed arm muscles now ! She's seems to be getting steadier on her feet, then she falls over. The steroid also seems to have finally kicked in and she's eating a bit more and looking a bit better so the weight could be an additional reason for falling over.

Paige didn't have a good day today at all. She started of well though had a really good breakfast. Then bam! she fell over sideways and got a nasty bump just behind her ear. Half hour later she bashed her face on the ottoman and bruise number 2. One hour later she managed to get a gash on her knee that no-one could explain. By then I took her upstairs for a nap. I set her on the changing  station and she threw her head back and manged to miss the pillow and hit the edge of the cot instead - by now someone might be calling child services! Anyway she refused lunch which is normal on weekends when she also has to have her preventative anti-biotic. Finally she fell asleep at 1.30pm and woke up creaming at 4.30 till about 5.30pm. She stayed grumpy and must have also had insomnia cause she didn't fall asleep till 9.00pm. (we were in bed at 7.30pm) So finally this day is over, but on the upside she weighs 10kgs in a nappy only on the bathroom scale - yay!

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