6 September 2011

Delayed Intensification - Day 2

Paige didn't have such a good day today, she's completely dis-interested in food and vomited twice today, which she rarely ever dose. Once all over me just as I finished dressing after my shower and then again later in the day. She is now extremely wobbly on her feet, but she's so clever that she's figured that out alreday so she walks near to something to hold on to! Poor heart she's already feeling horrible with the Dex and won't let me out of her sight! I picked up the keys to collect Sam from pre-school this afternoon and she headed for her shoes:-). She's also not happy taking her anti-sickness either which is due every 4 hours, so all in all not a great day for her and this will dictate the pattern for the week. I'm expecting her to wake up creaming anytime now so this will be a short entry.
Day 2 for Sam was smooth sailing, this time I left him at the door and he kissed me goodbye and said 'bye mom, have a lovely day' I could see him through the door telling his carer 'should I put my water bottle away in there' pointing at the crate where all of the water bottles are stored. Then when I picked him up this afternoon he had home-work!!!


  1. Hugs for Paige - you too Lisa. Good for Sam, adjusting so well to preschool. Thanks for the continued updates.

  2. Aw Lisa, it's horrible to hear that Paige is now showing the sighns of her treatment. Thinking of you my lovely. Also glad to hear that Sam is settling in well. I really think that the structure of Buttercups will be the best thing for him.