13 September 2011

Heavy Chemo Second Dose

Finally the week of Dex is now over, poor Paige had insomnia last night and didn't go to bed till 10.30pm, this is after being up at 6.00am, so a really long day for me. I think that the week of Dex has made us both weary and a bit worn down, I must admit I'm starting to feel the wear and tear of not having slept through the night for the last seven days and 5 months :-(.
Anyway, Paige continues to be in very good spirits flirting with her Nurse while he administered her  next round of Chemo which is infused over an hour. Chemo today is called Doxarubicin and is quite toxic for the first 24-48 hours. Tomorrow will require diligent doses of anti-sickness every four hours so that she isn't sick. We've already had a small 'domit' this afternoon. (A domit is Sam's name for being sick). She's moving around really fast now, almost running and she can walk around in her Wellies, clearly she has decided that this treatment is not going to slow her down. You go girl!!
Hopefully we'll have a quiet rest of the week, she had a small temperature this afternoon that went back down to normal by bedtime. No more treatments are scheduled this week. Next round is due again next Tuesday at QA.

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