6 September 2011

First Days are her again

We got to PB at 10.30am all set for chemo, except the pharmacy had other ideas, Chemo didn't arrive till 12.30pm! In the meanwhile Paige kept herself busy walking around for all to see and made friends with the sisters of a recently diagnosed other little girl. The infusion took one hour and we were given the all clear to leave soon afterward, except for another trip to the pharmacy to collect Paige's Dexamthezone, a steriod that she will take over the next 7 days and be completely miserable but hopefully her appetite will increase. 
Paige seemed nonplussed by the fact that she had Chemo and seemed fine all afternoon, she is however a bit wobbly on her feet.
Sam settled in quite quickly at pre-school, he asked me to stay for '2 minutes' which turned into about 20. He's such a big boy!

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