11 January 2012

Back at Hotel QA

Yesterday all went well with Paige's Lumbar Puncture, and Samuel was actually quite helpful at times in terms of distracting her and also holding open the doors for me. Paige showed Dr Bevin how to use her stethoscope and then lifted her shirt so that Dr Bevin could have a better listen, so funny!
Anyway we came home and played then Paige went down for a nap, she woke up at 4.30pm crying and boiling hot, she had a temp of 38.5C, so we were off to the QA. She met the criteria so we'll be there for a minimum of 48hours until the cultures are back. Her neutrophils are also still quite low at 0.1 and her CRP is 7, so something is going on, we just don't know what it is yet.
I must say though that the team at QA really spoil her, the play specialist came bearing gifts of a brand new tinker bell dress as well as duplo and cars for Paige to play with.
So we'll be in the hospital for the next couple of days

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