29 January 2012

Demon Dex Days 3 & 4

I was simply too exhausted to write yesterday, Paige cried from the moment she woke up till she fell asleep at night, I guess she just felt so rotten that she wanted to communicate that really loud and clear. It does wear on you though by midday you just need to poke your face out the window and feel the cool 3-5C breeze your face to clear the senses.

Today on the other hand the clouds cleared and we saw a glimmer of our beautiful Paige shining through. She painted, coloured, drew on the chalk board and had lunch too! We even did some minor shopping together as a family :-). I guess the Peg on Friday really did her in over the last two days. At least she can tell us that her jaw is hurting as well and we can treat that, the other symptoms not so much. She was so alert today that she never slept, so she was in bed by 6.00pm and asleep, Sam on the other hand not so much, so since I had 10 mins to spare while the roast pork sat, I've now updated the blog :-)

This week I hope will be calmer than last week, she'll have Chemo again on Wednesday and we get a break from clinic tomorrow, so here's wishing that she continues to eat and put on some weight to take her through this horrendous delayed intensification..........

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