23 January 2012

Central Line Blocked :-(

Paige and I were supposed to be enjoying a quiet day at home and had been previously excused from attending clinic at the the QA this afternoon. Clearly Paige had other ideas! When the community nurses arrived at 11.00am for routine bloods and a bung change, there was no blood in sight. We hung her upside down, sideways, jiggled her about, got her to run up and down and play but no luck. We were obviously destined to go to QA today. So we met Wilf at noon and he administered a drug called Urokinase which was quite a fiddly job, but she was really good. Anyway, we were back home by 2.00pm and we have to return tomorrow, 24 hours later to see if the drug has worked. Fingers crossed that it does, otherwise we'll need a four hour infusion of some sort. Didn't pay attention much as I really need this first drug to do the trick. 
She's been so well over the weekend, eating and drinking and playing loads with everyone.

Enjoying some strawberry jam and a serious look....

and today settling down with a lactose free chocolate and Samuel's baking hat!

Her hair has grown so much, it actually felt odd when I had to shampoo it recently :-).

I was quite looking forward to improved results and finally being able to resume her treatment this week... Wishing us good luck for tomorrow.


  1. Finished crossed for good luck tomorrow.
    Love the pics, especially the serious face!
    Love & big hugs,
    Auntie Nancy

    1. I must've been half asleep - of course, I meant "Fingers crossed..."
      Auntie Nancy