17 January 2012

Chemo still delayed

Wilf phoned this morning with Paige's blood results and it's not good, she still has no neutrophils whatsoever and her Chemo will be delayed for another week. This has happened so many times that we should be accustomed but it is still extremely worrying to me that she takes so long to recover. You can tell that she feels like crap though, she's very clingy and wants to be held all the time. My arms are about to fall off from holding her so much. Her appetite has dipped a bit as well, again, all goes with having no neutrophils. Please note that when I say no neutrophils I mean it's so low it won't even register!
Struggling to find the brighter side at the moment........


  1. Keep going you're doing an amazing job. Rosemary

  2. Hang in there Lisa. What a journey, but you always are stronger than you believe. Best, Judy Locklear