27 January 2012

Demon Dex Day 2 and Peg

My poor baby screamed her heart out during and after her Pegalated Asparagianse today, afterwards she just lay in my arms and felt sorry for herself. Thankfully this is the last time ever that she will have this particular chemo administered. She kept pointing to the spot and crying......

We came home and she lay on the bed for awhile, then had some fruit and we went back to bed for a nap, she eventually fell asleep and I had to wake her to get Sam at 4.30pm. Of course we had another 2hr stint of crying this evening despite my best efforts to entertain her. I think that she's teething again which isn't helping the already painful bouts of Chemo she has had this week.

Hopefully the weekend will be better with Russell to help entertain her


  1. What a dreadful week you've all had, but thank goodness the worst part of the treatment is nearly over. Hang in there, kiddo! Special big hugs to Paige for being such a trooper, and to Sam for his awesome empathy and caring.
    Auntie Nancy

  2. You 2 are the best parents in the world. Bug Hug and lots of kisses to you.