9 January 2012

Delayed Intensification II

Never a dull moment with my Paigey Lou. She's started to potty train herself, she wanted to sit on the toilet yesterday so I took out the potty. Then today every time she needed to do a poo she took off her trousers and sat on the potty with her nappy and did a poo. She did this three times by the way! She is so clever my daughter :-)

Anyway Paige was due to start her delayed intensification tomorrow with an Lumbar Puncture followed by Vincristine and Doxarubicin in the afternoon, this is the Chemo that makes all her hair fall off :-( But her neutrophils are too low at 0.1 to start, so after being told everything was cancelled, we've now been asked to bring her for the LP tomorrow and we'll test her blood again next week and hopefully start her Chemo next week Wednesday. Whilst I'm really not looking forward to this last intensive block, I am quite disappointed about they delay. Last time her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes fell off.

Paige is looking so well now, despite her low count. Her poo finally made it to the lab and it has tested positive for sugars, it now needs to be analysed further to determine the specific sub-type. This apparently will take weeks to be completed. So tomorrow we'll aim to get to Piam Brown bright and early at 8.00am, so that Paige is first on the list and we can come home early. In an effort to keep Sam in the process he'll be going with me to the hospital for the first time, good luck to me.

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