23 July 2011

Treatment Lull

My beautiful baby girl is now an absolute monkey! she climbs everywhere and on everything, she has also learned how to climb back down and this includes the stairs! Her mood has definitely improved, she's eating better or rather like a normal 13 month old and plays really well on her own. She also incites mischief when Sam is around which is quite often.
In terms of treatment there's a definite lull and it almost feels like Paige has dropped off the priority list, after a couple of phone calls, I have now been visited by our POONS (Pediatric Oncology Nursing Specialist). I'm advised that it's not unusual for the blood recovery to be quite slow and a waiting period of up to 5-6 weeks can be tolerated before Chemo begins again. Of course this only had a marginal effect on reducing my anxiety and I'm not clear how it affects Paige. So bloods will be taken again on Monday at 8.15am and a decision taken. If her neutrophils are at the required 1.0 she'll start her oral Chemo next week.
I flushed Paige's line for the first time this week on Thursday, I was a bit nervous being caught off guard but I have now been signed off. The main reason for learning is that Paige's clamp has been found opened every day several times a day, but only for short periods. What happens is if her line remains un-clamped for long periods, blood can flow through and cause blockages, and/or possible infection. So it's quite important that the clamp stays closed. If found open and I'm not sure for how long it is required to be flushed through, the good news is that this event will no longer require a trip to the QA! .
Paige has been mostly house bound since she's been diagnosed due to her compromised immune system and poor Sam has also suffered because even though he is a healthy, active 3 year old. Is this fair to him? probably not so we've decided that he should have treats sometimes too and today was his first, we took him to the cinema for the first time to see Cars 2 in 3D and he really enjoyed it, he didn't even fuss much and we actually watched the whole movie, quite a treat for Russell and I as well to be out and at the cinema :-). Paige on the other hand was none the wiser as she fell asleep 15 minutes after we left and woke up about 20 minutes before we came home!
Tomorrow we'll do some finger painting ......

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