17 July 2011

Steriods now complete!

Paige continued to be grumpy for the last couple of days and this also included screaming for 45 minutes on Friday and Saturday at 11.30pm. She seemed so distressed on Friday night I was almost in tears as well wondering should I call QA? what will I say Paige is crying but doesn't have a temperature or redness around her line and I can't settle her? In the end I walked around the house with her gave her some toast, codine and a bottle and she eventually settled at 12.45ish.
She obviously feels like crap but can't tell me what she needs to make her feel better so when she cries at night I now automatically take her to our bed and hold her till she falls asleep, she no longer sleeps in her cot at night, she just has a wee nap from about 8/9 till 10/11 ish then it's time to cuddle with mummy for the night :-)
At least her course of steriods is now complete. Tomorrow she's due blood tests and if she is up to a neutrophil count of 1.0, she can start her oral chemo.
She's still not eating much but managed to try some of Papa Boyz' roti and curry duck today, yummy -). Kathy also spent the weekend with us and that kept Sam quite busy and entertained!

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