14 July 2011

Grumpy Paige

Dexamethazone (dex) is the steroid that Paige will now enjoy for 5 days, I was really looking forward to this because I remembered how well she ate the last time that she was taking it, but I must admit I forgot how grumpy it made her. Picture this she had Vincristine on Monday, this makes her jaw and tendons hurt, a  lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, which makes her really sore, combined with dex which is know to make you feel completely out of sorts and grumpy, and an oncoming cold and you get one seriously GRUMPY baby!!

She must also have a sore throat because she's only interested in jelly and fromage frais, but she did manage to eat some of mummy's curried channa and potato today, her first real curry :-)
Also because she was in such a bad mood I was not able to flush her line today after I've been practicing for the last two weeks. As the oncology nurse Sharon said, 'Lisa we'll be setting you up to fail if you tried today' she also commented on how unsettled Paige was cause she hasn't seen her like this before.
Poor Paige, life just seems more and more unfair to her .....

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  1. awwww...i've said this once, i'll say it again, "it's just not fair that they have to go thru the same kinds of things that we (as adults) have to go thru and possibly hate to endure.