26 July 2011

Green light for Chemo

Paige had quite a busy day yesterday, she woke up at 5.30am, had some milk and grabbed some more shut eye. The community nurse arrived bright and early at 8.15am to take bloods. Then the Health Visitor, Lorraine arrived at 11.00am for Paige's 1 year health check. She's doing alright on most fronts with the exception of speech which is a bit behind. She should be able to say at least 3 clear words by now and babble to herself. She used to say Papa but has now stopped since her grandpa left, and she definitely doesn't babble all day long! She'll be reassessed again at 18 months and a plan will be made then in terms of whether she needs a speech therapist or not.

By noon Wilf the oncology nurse at QA, rang with good news, Paige's neutrophils are up to 0.9 and she can start chemo again, so good news that we can crack on again, but not so good for Paige who was really enjoying her break.
In terms of Paige's moods and behavior she is relentless, when she wants something she goes for it regardless of where it is or what's in front of her, she'll clear the way and just go for it! So nothing is safe books, photos, pretty much anything that she can squeeze into her mouth and she even started biting into Sam's toys! Of course he's not too pleased. She's also started using her ride along toy and the rocking horse, all good signs that her confidence and motor skills are improving.
So oral Chemo for the next couple of weeks and no scheduled visits to the hospital till August 8th - she even gets a break from the doctors and hospitals :-)

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  1. Kirsty Alleyne27 July 2011 at 09:51

    Good luck to Paige with this phase of oral chemo x