9 July 2011

Aunty Joanne & Eilis are here

I think that Paige knew that Joanne and Eilis were due to arrive yesterday and she was soo excited that she woke up at 2.30am and decided that she should play till 5.15am! Not only did she play, but also managed to climb off the bed and head straight for my parents room, banging then pushing the door open all the while calling her papa :-).

Paige really hasn't had the opportunity to play with someone her age, she and Eilis played so calmly together (Sam was at the childminder) and she kept smiling at Eilis and you could see her thinking hmmm, she's walking around, maybe I should try that as well.

Joanne and Eilis are here for the weekend and we're planning for a small intimate birthday celebration for Paige tomorrow. Since Paige had had her transfusion this week, she has really got some more color and energy now and isn't falling over as much.

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