19 July 2011

Chemo delayed

Paige's mood has definitely picked up and she's in the mood for trying new things. She now prefers drinking with a straw including her formula which is fantastic because she's finally nearing her daily fluid requirement of 600mls. She's also managing two decent meals a day with a snack at lunchtime. Her blood count unfortunately is quite low, namely her neutrophils which is at 0.3, much too low to start her oral chemo this week. The main cause seems to be her runny nose which could knock her count down. So much for last minute shopping or taking her Papa out for a meal before he leaves bright and early tomorrow morning!
I still think she is amazing though, all through her grief and pain, she manages to smile and dance to any sound including the hum of Sam's electronic toothbrush when he brushes his teeth in the morning, but I think her favorite tunes are those on her Dora book that her Aunty Gail sent for her.
Sam on the other hand has a much improved behavior and must be the most polite child. I made him some pasta yesterday and put cherry tomatoes in it because he saw them on the counter and told me he really liked them. Anyway I said "Sam I put some tomatoes in your pasta" and his response was "that's very kind of you mummy, thank you" imagine my surprise :-).
I haven't been given the revised plan for her yet but I am expecting that more bloods will be taken later this week.

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