6 July 2011

Got Blood ?

The consultant and I tried really hard for Paige's blood to recover on their own and they rose slightly from last Thursday to Sunday, but started to fall again on Tuesday, so the decision was taken to transfuse her today. She received 150mls slowly infused over 3 hours. It was a pretty seamless. We arrived and they were ready for us, Paige played, ate her lunch and of course fell asleep when she has just 1/2 hour left of her infusion. She was bright, chipper and quite flushed after wards. She also wanted to visit her buddy Joseph who was also just admitted to QA. It was amazing to watch her caressing and smiling at this little boy who is 5 months younger than her.
Paige can now enjoy her week off until next week Monday when "Interim Maintenance" begins with Chemotherapy on Monday followed by a Lumbar Puncture on Tuesday. So I'll sign off till then unless anything major crops up.

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