29 November 2011

Lots of Neutrophils

Apologies for the lack of entries, life has been pretty busy...but in a good way.

Paige looks fabulous, is eating and drinking well and getting into all sorts of trouble!! Her hair has even started to grow again :-) Evidence of all of this is her neutrophils which is at 1.6 as of yesterday, she hasn't had such a good count for a long time so we are all quite pleased. Wilf, Paige's oncology nurse was also quite pleased with her results and said that her bone marrow is working pretty hard.

Paige's latest trysts are moving around the kitchen stool to get 'stuff' from the kitchen counter which includes plates, spoons and snacks. She also enjoys throwing items in the toilet bowl and retrieving it again, and we have four of then for her to choose from....of course this doesn't bode well given all the hard work that goes into keeping her and the house super clean and germ free. So we try to keep busy by doing fun things like painting,

writing her letter to Santa

We took her to Paulton's Park's winter wonderland last Sunday and she really enjoyed the rides but didn't want to sit on santa's lap. Sam on the other hand sat on his lap and listed all the items that he wanted for Christmas. This is the helicopter ride in Peppa Pig's world

Paige hopefully will have a quiet week this week, her next lumbar puncture is scheduled for Dec 13th, so I'll update the blog weekly now unless there something to report :-)

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  1. Great news and lovely pics. Paige comes from good stock, as demonstrated by her resilience. Keep up the great work and your super sense of humour! I follow your blogs faithfully and continue to hold you all in my prayers and in my heart.
    Auntie Nancy