13 November 2011

Interim Maintenance II begins

The last couple of days have become a bit of an eye opener for Madame Paige, she's definitely strong willed as we have seen with how she handles her treatment., She knows exactly what she wants and it's her way or the highway! She will throw herself on the ground and scream if she can't have what she wants and this includes Sam's toys that he is currently playing with. She shouts quite loudly and can articulate exactly what she wants even if she can't form the words and she's also quite sneaky she'll sometime wait till Sam isn't looking, steal his toy and run away and hide with it!
She's been eating and drinking very well in the last couple of days and looks really healthy, except her hair of course because she is now completely bald, even the stubborn strands that didn't fall of last time have now gone, but she's lucky that she has a fabulously shaped head.
Tomorrow interim maintenance begins with Vincristine at QA, which is a 'straight' through in her line. This is the Chemo that affects her tendons and may cause her to walk on her tip toes. On Tuesday she'll have a lumbar puncture at Piam Brown. This week she will also have Dexamethazone, the steroid which makes her absolutely ravenous, very, very grumpy and miserable with interrupted sleep patterns. She'll also start Mercatupurine an oral chemo which is given daily by me. So this week will be rough for both Paige, and I don't expect to have any energy left at the end of the day for an update. So here's to hoping all goes well and that I can keep Paige entertained during the week. More than willing to entertain any suggestions for distraction tactics :-)

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