6 November 2011

Feeling a bit crappy

Paige had her last dose of cytarabine on Friday and has now almost completely lost her appetite. She's having maybe one meal per day and will snack on raisins or grapes, at least she's drinking water, juice and some milk. She is starting to look quite skinny though :-( She was also sick a couple of times on the weekend which is quite unusual for her. I guess this is to be expected after two weeks on continuous chemo on an already low neutrophil count. She also has a snotty nose and just doesn't seem herself. A quick call to the CAU (children's assessment unit) and a chat with one of the Registrar's made me feel more comfortable, he recons that she is just feeling rough post her chemo, but of course if I am worried or she is unwell we have open access and can take her there in an instant.
Didn't do much as usual this weekend given that her neutrophils may be naught or very close to that, but we did have a visit from Kathy who always manages to cheer us all up. Also I managed to go out to dinner with the girls for a pre-birthday celebration, complete with some bubbly, a beautiful cake courtesy Kathy and a boogie at the disco, (this combination of words shows both my age and where I live) they still call it a 'disco' and call dancing a 'boogie'!
Anyway back to my daughter. This is today's pic a simple box to cheer her up ! Every day we are reminded of how lucky we are that she is still, in the grand scheme of things, doing so well, there are so many others coping with a similar illness having a much more difficult journey. Paige is such a sweet, little girl and she makes our lives so rich and full of love everyday, a simple cuddle or kiss from her gives us the fuel to keep going.

Hopefully tonight will not involve a trip to the QA and Paige can enjoy her week off from Chemo until maintenance begins on Monday 15th. Here's looking forward to a quiet week for all of us.

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