10 November 2011

Eating Again

Paige is finally eating again, but oh what a mess!!! Tuesday she decided to wipe the table top with the soft cheese side of her sandwich - of course.
Yesterday and today she ate breakfast and yoghurts - what is it about your child eating that makes you feel so good?

Today she's enjoying her milk (quite unusual for her) and of course had two helpings of chicken tonight. I think that she may be either having a growth spurt or really enjoying not having any chemo this week. She's also quite a rough and tumble girl, today she ran after Sam yelling 'back, back' when he took a ball from her. She then tackled him from the back knocking him over and trying to bite him on the back, all the while I am in a controlled state of panic because of her line. I guess this is all normal for kids their age, but no so much for us. Later in the morning I decided to venture out for the first time with both kids in tow, of course Sam motivated by the fact that we were going to get a water bottle with his name on it, sat down quite nicely and put Paige's shoes on for her. She of course took it off immediately and he had to put them on again.
Busy days ahead with Paige's new found inquisitive, determined and stubborn self. She is relentless and uses all her skills to get things that are out of her reach. I'm also really looking forward to some new hair again!
Thankfully she's now peacefully asleep and cuddled with her big brother....

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