3 November 2011

We love you Uncle Kevin

The ebbs and flows of Paige's appetite has no rhyme or reason. I guess she eats when she's hungry and won't when she's not! As I expected though her appetite is decreasing with each dose of Cytarabine. She's becoming quite a mischievous little one, she was missing for about 15mins yesterday and when I found her she was lying on the floor in the study with her finger in my lip balm! Of course half of it was missing and all over the carpet and her face. Her latest fad is wanting to write on everything especially Sam's leapfrog pad, so there are never ending fights between Sam and Paige.
Kevin has surgery today at 2.00pm Trinidad time, so we're sending him all our love and good wishes because we can't be there with him :-(
When we called today, Sam says to him "Uncle Kevin, what's wrong? I am so worried about you" out of the mouths of babes...........
Last dose of Cytarabine tomorrow then Paige's get a week off from all medicines.. hooray!!!

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