18 November 2011

Day 4 - Dexamethazone and the value of a good curry

The full effects of the dex is visible now and madame was miserable all day long and to make matters worse she refused to sleep as well, so by 4.00pm I had an over tired, frustrated, little girl who seemed to be constipated AND have a toothache. So I made curry chicken for dinner and it worked a treat, she loves chicken so had at least two pieces of meat. Oh and another thing you can take the girl out of Trinidad but you can't take the Trini out of the girl! Despite me cutting the meat off the bone for her she insists on eating the meat straight off the chicken leg! she doesn't particularly like boneless breast either. Anyway after dinner her mood lifted then she did the biggest poo ever which landed her in the bath and then I had a completely different child.

Paige continues to absolutely amaze and astound me, I needed to change her dressing and griploc because it was peeling off and her line got soaked during the impromptu shower. So I sat her on the bed in her dressing gown and she just sat there and held up her arm for me to first peel off the old dressing, dry the area, then curl and replace the dressing - this took a good couple of minutes and she just sat there quietly holding up her arm ....I've watched other kids scream on the ward when having a dressing changed and Sam yelled bloody murder just this week when I took a bit of gauze off his arm. Yet here is my little girl whose skin is now pale and red from having a dressing removed and replaced every 5-7 days for the last seven months, sitting and also holding her arm up so that I can clean the adhesive off and put on a smooth dressing. To top it off she obviously felt that I was taking too long so she peeled off the backing and put the griploc on herself. A griploc is an expensive plaster that has velcro on the top so that it helps to keep her line in place.
Tomorrow is the last day of dex for this month, unfortunately it will be repeated every month until her treatment is finished sometime in July 2013, so we all need to make our peace with Dex!

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