3 December 2011

Yesterday Celine, Joseph, Paige and I we were due to visit Orlando and his family and I was supposed to make a curry. Orlando has been battling with Cancer and unfortunately his tumors returned after several rounds of chemo, he was sent home just two weeks ago to be made comfortable. His very, strong and brave parents invited us to their home despite their very delicate circumstances, cautioning me to be prepared for the worst. When the phone rang at 7.30am yesterday morning I didn't get to it on time but as I feared the worst has happened and little Orlando has gone to sleep forever at 4.15am in his mother arms and his dad holding his hand.
Death affects us all in so many different ways, I couldn't update the blog yesterday because I was so upset yet Orlando's mum apologised to me for cancelling lunch at such short notice and his dad asked me how Paige was doing :-). As a friend of mine said to me when people ask 'how do you do it' the response is 'you just have to get on with it, don't you cause you haven't got a choice' Orlando has a younger brother who turned 3 last week Saturday.

So we started the day with a messy breakfast and little Miss Paige refused to let me feed her, so the kitchen was pretty much covered in rice crispies

Celine and Joseph then joined us for a curry, I believe that it was Joseph's first curry and he really didn't seem to mind using a pink bib and plate...

then the kids did some painting and made a beautiful mess for us to clear up afterwards :-)

so a difficult day was made more bearable because it was spent with friends, where we found comfort in each other and our beautiful, brave children who are storming through their respective treatments and giving us the much needed strength to cope with every new day.

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