1 August 2011

We're home :-)

After 3 1/2 days at the QA we are at home! This has been our longest stint at the hospital since Paige has been discharged from Piam Brown. Her cultures were all negative for a bacterial infection, so it seems that she had a viral infection, but given her compromised immune system, the protocol must be strictly followed and IV anti-biotics had to be given at the onset. As Dr Jo Walker her consultant for the weekend said "Protocol saves lives." She is a firm believer that once presented with symptoms the protocol must be followed even if the risk is over-medication, it's a much smaller risk than leaving any nasties untreated.
I must say that the staff at the QA went out of their way to make our stay as comfortable as possible which even included giving me a hospital bed rather that a cot bed, so that I could sleep next to Paige with her cot bar down, and therefore creating a sort of 'double bed'. They even swapped rooms so that we could be next to Joseph, and his mum Celine. Celine his mum loves taking photos and there some beautiful shots of the kids together - have a look on Joseph's blog, there's a link on the right hand side of Paige's blog. Her care, which I am pleased to report was also faultless. Our night time nurse was particularly sensitive to Paige's needs and even managed to administer both of her anti-biotocs which included a 1/2 hour infusion and replacement of Paige's drip without waking her up! An absolute miracle - Thank you Fiona
Her bloods are recovering and she is no longer neutropenic (1.4 today) which means that we can continue to do some normal things this week. Although I am a bit nervous since last week Wednesday and Thursday were the first days that we went out and she ended up in the hospital on Thursday night :-(.
Anyway she is thrilled to be home and so am I! We were also give the green light to start her chemotherapy again.

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  1. So glad she is back home, I have not stopped thinking about her since seeing that you are in hospital. Also feel so bad that she ended up in hospital especially after she came to visit me. Glad that she can start the chemo as at least you know she is progressing with her treatment.