6 August 2011

My Big Girl

Quiet day today. Paige has started to experiment more with her food and still isn't eating much but at least she's trying. She's even more mobile now trying to climb onto everything which includes the window sills!
She still continues to amaze us with her bravery and co-operation. Every afternoon I mix her Chemo and she comes over and sucks down the contents - truly amazing.
Then tonight after her bath I decided to change her dressing all by myself, to my amazement and surprise as I started to peel off the dressing my "Big Girl" raised her arm and kept it raised, all the while keeping still - we are truly blessed to have such an awesome daughter :-).
Looking forward to the weekend and enjoying some time out doing fun stuff while her neutrophils are still up, I hope? haven't had a blood test since Monday.
Next week won't be so great for her as it starts off with Vincristine on Monday at QA, followed by a Lumbar Puncture at PB on Tuesday :-(

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