9 August 2011

Lumbar Puncture Today

Paige had her Vincristine yesterday, followed by a lumbar puncture today. All went smoothly and she slept for 45 minutes after her puncture. This was an absolute godsend because she is required to lie still and flat for at least one hour after the lumbar puncture which is always an impossible task with Paige. She was also in good spirits immediately after, even though she was a bit groggy, which is understandable after a general anesthetic.
She started her dexamethazone today, a steroid which hopefully will increase her appetite but also makes her extremely grumpy and demanding ! So we'll be in for a rough 5 days!
She finally fell asleep after an hour she seems pretty uncomfortable tonight, hopefully she'll get some rest tonight. She will continue to enjoy her interim maintenance now until September 2nd when her next lumbar puncture is due.

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