14 August 2011

Dex is completed

The last 5 days have been absolutely miserable for Paige. The steroid, dexamethazone makes her extremely grumpy and just plain old miserable. She cries for at least 45mins, 5-6 hours after she's had the drug and is absolutely inconsolable. This includes a stint at night where she wakes up screaming and continues for about 30-45 minutes or so before she gabbles a small bottles of milk and is off to sleep, only in our bed of course.  Poor Russell has been evicted !
Paige got beautiful presents from her Uncle Richard this weekend, a personalised blanket and plate, along with a matching stuffed giraffe and new travel bag - thank you Richard :-)
She also rode on the Watercress line steam trains today and she had a fantastic time, she is always so happy to be out and about, especially if it's not to the hospital!
This week should be a better week for her , it starts off with a trip to the QA tomorrow for a check up and then she continues on her mercaptopurine (oral chemo) this week.

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  1. Poor little darling - and poor Mummy and Daddy, big brother and Grandma! My heart and my prayers go out to all of you. I continue to admire the love and strength that both of you have displayed so far. God bless you.
    Auntie Nancy