21 August 2011

A proper day out!

Paige's neutrophils were quite good at 1.8 on Monday last, after having a week of steroids. So Russell took two days off so that we could salvage some of the summer and take the kids out. We went to Paultons Park yesterday, but it seemed that everyone else had the same idea! There was traffic from the motor way, all the way in, then a long queue for the tickets and again for the 'priority pass.' If you're disabled or have a serious illness you can request a pass to skip the long lines. Thank god we did that or we would have done maybe two rides in 5 hours! Paige and Samuel had a fabulous time. It started with a helicopter ride where Paige sat on her own, of course all four of us were on it.
It felt so good to do normal things and for a day (even though there was a reminder at each ride). We were able to cast our illness aside and enjoy the sunshine and laughter of the children as we rode on the helicopter, car, train and then a boat, all in 'Peppa Pig's World". All the rides were done together as a family. Paige seemed so happy and Samuel was absolutely beaming at each new ride. Samuel and I did some extra rides on our own while Paige and Russell rested for a while.
Paige is standing on her own much more now and taking a couple of steps, I am hoping that she starts walking before her next block of intensive therapy which is scheduled to start on Sept 2nd with a lumbar puncture. Not looking forward to the next block but needs must.... 

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