26 August 2011

Quiet Week - Big News "I'm Walking"

Paige had a relatively quiet week, it started with a visit from the community nurse on Monday. Her neutrophils are down to 0.7, so that means she will primarily be housebound again. Paige has been cruising around the furniture for a while now and on Tuesday she simply got up and walked across the living room floor to meet me! Of course she's wobbling around like a dunk child but we are so thrilled that she is walking despite her chemo which affects her tendons.
She is also particularly pleased with herself and has this knowing smile every time she walks around. Of course now that she can walk, she no longer wants to crawl up the stairs but rather hold on to the rail and walk up as well. Her appetite unfortunately is waning again and she has lost some weight she was down to 9.75kg last week and has probably lost some more weight now. She fed herself today, another milestone for her, she obviously knows that an intensive block starts next week so she trying to get alot achieved this week. She continues to be her very sweet, stubborn, independent self. She's a girl who definitely knows what she wants and that includes a hand bag, hat and coat before she goes out. She's also learn't how to throw a really good tantrum if she can't get what she wants or help pick up the pieces if she's done something wrong. We thought we had ours hands full with Sam, clearly we've not seen it all :-) Paige also blows her nose and shuts the bedroom door when she is ready for a nap!

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