3 August 2011

Outing to 'Holly Hill'

Paige donned her shorts, sun hat and shades and we were off to Holly Hill, a woodland forest. She seemed quite pleased to be out and about. She saw the ducks, we strolled around the forest with Mama, Sam, Rachel, Ollie and Isla. She was so thrilled to be out that she never slept a wink, even though it was way past her nap time. It was quite difficult to convince her that she needed to stay in the buggy but eventually she gave up and just clutched her 'Taggy' she didn't even fuss when I reclined her. At the end of the outing Sam said "mummy that was a great adventure, thank you." What a superstar :-).

Her appetite still isn't great but we continue to try new options, she seems to like bagels and of course had some of her finger paints for her mid morning snack! Comments for food ideas welcome!

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