7 May 2011

Peg Day

Paige had her Peg Asparaginase yesterday, a drug which is given  via an injection into the muscle of her thigh (quite unpleasant), after which she needs to be observed for one hour in case of a fever or rash. None of those were present so we were sent on our way home. About an hour later we were asked to bring her back in for another blood test, because her previous bio chemistry results showed abnormally high levels of Urea and Creatinine, which could be a result of dehydration (or worse kidney problems). Consistently high readings would require her to on an IV again. Luckily her 2nd test showed results back to normal and we got to spend another night at home. Follow up tests done today were much lower so we're in the clear - MUST keep those fluids up.

Paige is now showing signs of visible fatigue and her thighs must also hurt because she refuses to be held up to walk, poor heart. This is an expected side effect of one of the drugs Vincristine and her eventual walking may be delayed, but we're told she'll catch up. Her hair is still beautiful, long and a lovely dark brown, not looking forward to the next couple of weeks when it might fall off :-(

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