23 May 2011

Consolidation - delayed

Paige's neutrophils are 0.6 and she requires a minimum of 0.75 to have Chemo, so her treatment will be postponed for a week. So for the first Tuesday in the last 5 weeks, she will not be subject to a lumbar puncture and overnight starvation. It also means that she will most likely be spending her 1st birthday in the hospital receiving a lumbar puncture (LP) and chemo. This phase of treatment requires 3 successive LP's and intensive Chemo. I am quite disappointed that her treatment will be delayed but I'm sure that she is quite happy not to be poked and given intensive chemotherapy that will make her ill. She probably just wanted to be well and in good spirits for Sam's birthday on Sunday !
She's now got about 5-10% of her hair left but she is still gorgeous and in such good spirits, laughing, moving around and pulling down anything that she can get her hand on. The downside is that now that she is off the steriods she's neither eating or drinking enough :-(.
So we now have a  week off of no chemo so that she can recover. She is also neutropenic so we should ideally avoid crowded areas, which means stay at home.

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