9 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mummy arrived on Friday and so she missed Mother's Day in Trinidad today, so Paige decided that she would start the day with a temperature of 37.5C just to keep us on our toes! The protocol is if she has a temp of 37.5C check it again in an hour and if it rises to 38C call for advice or 38.5C take her to the hospital for intravenous antibiotics. She doesn't usually have a temp of over 36.8C or thereabouts, so a temp of 37.5C for over 3 hours is unusual for her, this combined with a very cranky baby made me call the hospital and after discussion with the doctor we agreed that we should take her down. All tests came back fine and we were released. As it turns out she maybe had a toothache, (because her two front teeth have now come through) or jaw pain which is a common side effect of the Chemo she had on Wednesday. They gave her some Codine and it returned her to normal. We even got some giggles and smiles :-). Unfortunately for me I don't have the luxury of guessing that a temperature could be associated with teething. She is smiling and moving about again today.
Tomorrow will be a rough day for her, she has a lumbar puncture in the morning and 'big' Chemo for the 4th time, in the afternoon. So she will be sore and cranky poor heart :-(


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  1. How scary! We are praying for her and for strenght for you guys.