12 May 2011

LP Results

Her LP results showed no sign of the disease as of yesterday....Dr Morgan who is her consultant hematologist who by the way is an absolute superstar called me yesterday afternoon to relieve my anxiety. (When Paige had her first LP Dr Morgan stayed till 8.30pm the night before Easter Weekend to share the results with me because she knew that four days would be much too long for me to wait.) She is the lead consultant for the unit and also heads up the research team for the southern region.
Next Tuesday is Paige's last LP,  Bone Marrow test and Chemo for this phase of treatment, it is expected that she should be in full remission by that time. So fingers crossed and keep praying..... Her next phase of treatment will also be shared with us.
She's been in really good spirits yesterday and today singing and saying new baby words that I can't understand, it's odd that her best days are the days after Chemo :-). She's now got what they call 'dex cheeks' which are fat cheeks as a result of all the steroid called Dexamethasone that I am currently giving her.

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