24 May 2011

May 24th - QA Bloods and Review

Paige has now almost completely refused to drink her milk, literally pushing the bottle out of my hand and onto the floor. She also wakes up at least 2-3 times at night for a cuddle but not some milk. She also refused to have both lunch and dinner yesterday. Today I had a bit more luck by offering her peas to play with as I slipped some vegetables in which she opened for the peas!
Based on our visit today the doctor has suggested that the steriods disturbs the lining of her stomach so she must be in pain therefore she's not eating or drinking cause it hurts too much. So she now has a new medicine and hopefully her appetite will return. In the meanwhile we still have lots of smiles and peals of welcome laughter from her.
Her blood results today were worse than yesterday because her neutrophils are now down from 0.6 to 0.5, so she will need to have another review and bloods on Friday and more bloods on Monday.
The doctor urged me not to panic about the delay in her treatment....but what else is a mother to do? If she still does not have a minimum of 0.75 by Monday, she'll need to have another bone marrow to find out what's going on/wrong.

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