15 May 2011

Blocked Central line

We've spent at least one day at QA every weekend since Paige has been discharged and this weekend was no exception. We got there at 10.20am and still no blood dispite the medication the day before and the various positions bar hanging her upside down. Next step was an X ray to see whether the line was dislodged, X ray showed no signs of that so they tried again, this time with a larger syringe and presto we have blood!
I firmly believe that Paige decides that she needs to keep us on our toes:-) Anyways her bloods are still holding and a transfusion is not required, her neutrophils are up to 2.1, but we were told to still treat her as Neutropenic as the steriod can give her a false good result.
So at 4.00pm we took out little sumo wrestler who now weights 10kgs home for some much needed shut eye. She'd been awake since 6.00am and hadn't had a nap since. She continues to look well but is still quite grumpy from her steriods and also has disrupted sleep. She is being weaned off the steriods from Thursday of this week so that her appetite is weaning down as well.
Happy 11 months Paigey Lou :-)

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