15 May 2011

Friday 13th

I'm not usually a superstitious person but I did take note of the date when an appointment was made for Paige to have follow up bloods and a review on Friday. Anyway so we all headed down to QA (mummy, Sam, Paige and I). They did the usual stuff, then when it was time for bloods nothing, so we jiggled her around made her stand, then sit, still nothing. The consultant explained that sometimes the Central line can get a clot so that they need to apply some meds and leave for her for 24 hours. Of course the protocol is that once the medication is administered we need to stay for an hour. We stayed our hour and of course I got to the car and yup there it was a parking ticket because our routine visit turned into 3 hours!
Paige is still in good spirits though and looked well so we were sent home to return on Saturday to try again. This is her first blockage since her line was inserted on May 14th. Trying my best not to worry but the doctor reassured me that it was an 'occupational hazard' and that I should not worry.

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