16 April 2011


Dear Family and Friends,

We know that many of you are keen to be kept up to date with Paige's progress, and a personal email every day would be an ideal way of doing that. However, we think that a blog is a much more effective way of communicating our thoughts, fears and, of course, successes to a large audience. It allows you all to follow Paige's story and, indeed, to be a part of it. So please feel free to leave your own comments and pass this web address on to anyone who may be interested. 


Russell & Lisa


  1. Thank you for doing this blog, Russ. So helpful to those of us who are thinking of her constntly and wondering how she's doing.
    Much love to you, Lisa, Sam and, of course, Paige

  2. We very sorry to hear about Paige and we are following the blog of her fight with cancer. We hoping for good news for you and your family.
    Much love to you all.