17 April 2011

Day 2

14 April - Today Paige had her first operation. They have installed outdoor plumbing - a tube that runs through her vein to her heart. It is called a Central line and is used to administer drugs and also to take blood. All the patients on the ward have one. We are at the General Hospital in Southampton, where there is a specialist centre for children's cancer. So, no need to go to London.

It's amazing how quickly you adapt - the idea of your baby having a tube sticking out of her body should horrify most parents, but we were on board with idea from that first night. The alternative (well, there isn't really one) is a cannula in her arm and constant drilling for blood - which she hated.

The operation was a complete success and two hours later she was dancing in her cot!


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  1. Hallo my lovely friends,
    Reading your blog has certainly make you realise that you cannot plan life. Of course when you hear the news it feels like a punch in the stomach. I am sure you will have some dark moments in the times ahead but please know you can let us help you carry this. We love you all very much.