21 April 2011

Day 9

Sam and I are sick. Not very sick, just runny noses and coughing. In fact, it has not slowed Sam down at all, he is still as happy and energetic as ever. I, on the other hand, am knackered and I didn't got to work today or yesterday. This is a mini disaster. Paige has started chemotherapy and is now super vulnerable to infection: recent blood tests show that her neutrophil count is extremely low, one of the reasons why she is in an isolation room.

So I won't be able to relieve Lisa this weekend until I am well and Sam won't be able to see his mother or sister either, and he asks about them every day. We are loading up on the vitamin C (or, in my case, rum, sugar and lemon juice).

Paige finally had her first Lumbar Puncture today - stay tuned for results.



  1. poor thing. A Lumbar Puncture is one of the tests done to diagnose MS and it was rough for me.

    It just doesn't seem fair that babies have to go thru the same things, and get the same diseases that we as adults do.

  2. She now has to have those weekly due to the presence of the disease in her spinal fluid. It's done under a mild general anesthetic and she's given Chemo at the same time.