27 April 2011

Chemo 2

Paige had her 2nd dose of big chemo today and smiled through it all. She now turns on her mobile and dances at will and flirts with all the males on the ward especially Joseph who is a couple months younger than her, today they exchanged beautiful smiles and she reached out and touched him :-)
We've now been downgraded from first class (private room) to economy (4 bedded bay) but Paige absolutely loves it because everyone passes by and plays with her and calls her 'gorgeous' to which she responds with a beautiful smile.
The doctors continue to be very happy with her response to medication and her bubbly personality. We've been advised that if she continues like this that we may be released as outpatients soon.....fingers crossed. The requirements to take her home are that continues to be well and that the Head nurse signs me off as ready and confident enough to look after her on my own.


  1. Awww...so sweet! Sending love.

  2. finger crossed that it will all go well!!!