26 April 2011


Lisa has explained the prognosis following the results of the cytogenetics. We have also been given details of her chemotherapy, which will last two years and three months (best case). The first phase is called Induction and the treatment drugs are shown above - this will probably only make sense to the medically-trained among us, but further details of most of these drugs are given here.

Side effects should include tiredness, fatigue, sickness, low WBC count, anaemia, drop in platelets, hair loss, among others. However, a week into the treatment and she only has a low WBC count. And no hair loss - fingers crossed. It's early days yet, but she is tough.

 As you can see, we are hoping to be discharged soon after the 18th of May. The remainder of treatment could be as an outpatient, or with short periods in hospital. But a lot will depend on her response to the treatment, any complications, etc, etc.

Too early to plan too far ahead, but we're looking forward to bringing her home.

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