28 April 2011

All home!

Paige is home! Her stats are stable and she hasn't had any adverse reactions to the chemo. Also, she came off the saline drip a couple of days ago, which made a big difference to her mobility. Most of the drugs she is taking are oral, but she will need to go in for other drugs (as an outpatient). Periodic blood tests will also be required, but we will monitor her temperature and general well being. Any high temperature (or sickness) and we will be driving immediately to the hospital, probably for a few days.

So this is excellent - it is much better to be at home and going to the hospital, than at the hospital 24/7. The Induction phase has another few weeks to run, after which she may take a short break. Further hospitalisation will be necessary for the next course of treatment; as always, it all depends on how she responds to treatment.

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