24 April 2011


The results of Paige's cytology were shared with us last week and her sub type category of ALL is T ALL' This is the best prognosis that we could have hoped for as the medical team were almost convinced that she had Infant ALL and had alreday written up her drug charts! Paige does not have the gene rearrangement and has the presence of T cells which is more consistent with the biology of older children. The consultant has advised us that in the last clinical trial only 4 out of 1500 infants had Children's leukemia - so Paige is in the ABSOLUTE minority thank god :-).

So her Chemo will consist of less intensive drugs and will run for two years, most of which can be given as an outpatient if she is doing well. She is currently in the Induction phase and this will run for 4 weeks, so her hospital stay if all goes well will be circa 4 to 5 weeks.

Paige is responding really well to her Chemo and was allowed to sit outside in the sunshine today!


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