27 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Paige had a lovely Christmas. She enjoyed having special guests Uncle Kevin, Aunt Joanne, Uncle Peter and cousin Eilis. She's doing so well, it's sometime difficult to remember that she is ill. She now has a decent amount of hair and now that we have cracked the issue of her sick tummy she's in a much better place. She's seems to be lactose intolerant. Unfortunately it means that she now has a more difficult diet to maintain but it's amazing all the stuff we can get for which includes but is not limited to chocolate, soft and hard cheese, it doesn't taste so great but she doesn't seem to mind :-)

A pic of her on Christmas morning in her jammies, trying to give her new dolly a ride

Followed by a yummy lunch made by daddy which consisted of a chestnut/squash soup, turkey wellington, sprouts and roasted vegetables. Topped off with a Christmas cake made for us by the Bowen's with love.

and finally three little bunnies opening their stockings after dinner

Merry Christmas to all.....

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