12 December 2011

LP and Dex this week :-(

Today was Orlando's farewell, it was a beautiful, sad ceremony attended by many people, there was standing room only and I felt as if my eyes would explode with tears when Richard walked in carrying the little Thomas coffin all by himself. No parent should ever have to say goodbye to their child so early in life but Richard and Rhian are the strongest parents that I have ever seen and they made sure that Orlando had a send off that was very fitting for his short but blessed life. They are also ever so thoughtful and sent a balloon from the cremation for Paige, which she absolutely loved by the way.

Unfortunately Paige was unable to attend because she had Vincristine at QA today and has also started a five day course of the dreaded Dexamethazone (the steroid that makes her super grumpy and beside herself). On the good news side her neutrophils are still up at 1.6 and she looks really well.

Tomorrow we are at PB for her Lumbar Puncture.....

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