26 September 2012

Lumbar Puncture today

Life seems to be going by so quickly now, it's been two weeks since the last update....

Paige continues to grow and develop very well, she's now up to 11.8kgs and has maintained a neutrophil count of 1.2. She dipped last week from 3.5 to 1.9 so the decision was taken to keep her on 25% of her dose of oral chemotherapy mercaptupurine and follow up bloods were done yesterday. Given that she has held her own over 1.0, her dosage has now been increased to 20mg which is 50% of the required dosage.

Testament to how well she is doing is that she never once complained today even though she was required to fast till she was taken in at about 10.45am for her lumbar puncture, she is no longer the youngest or the sickest so that she now has to take her place in the queque and is no longer given priority... tough call. There used to be an easily visible method to the order but now it all seems unclear. I guess it's a good thing that she is now well enough to take her place in the queque.......look on the bright side right? In fact after her LP she slept for at least 45mins and was smiling when the nurse brought her in to us in the parents room. She was ravenous though! So it all went without a hitch today. Dr Morgan though is still not convinced that we have gotten rid of the bacteria in her line and suggested that the next time that there is a problem that she would be minded to remove the Central Line.

We have continued to do fun things and Paige still adores her baby, here she is taking her to Marwells

baking bread with daddy, in the new kitchen

trying out her new scooter...she was scooting in the kitchen on Sunday and I said to her "Paige pls don't scoot in the house. Her response "don't worry mummy I know what I'm doing"

and lastly decorating cookies on Sunday with Samuel, she was so busy that she refused to look up at the camera

She does get into a lot of mischief though. Samuel continues to really enjoy his new school and has started both Rugby and football, which he absolutely loves!

In terms of Paige's treatment her blood will be tested again on Monday and a decision taken as to whether her dose or oral chemo should be increased or held at 50%. Her next round of chemo and steroids is due on October 8th.

Good night to all.

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