5 September 2012

Big girl with neutrophils

Paige has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks, she tells me what to do such as "you stay right there mummy" and essentially orders us all around.....She's also got so much hair that we need a brush :-)

Also finally for the first time since June she has neutrophils of 1.3, what a relief, she's been neutropenic for such a long time that she probably feels fantastic. We've also reintroduced some lacofree cheese yesterday and today and so far so good, she seems to be tolerating it well. We've also changed her feeding routine so that she had an overnight milk every other night. This other that giving us a good night's sleep on alternate nights, also stimulates her appetite if she misses a feed. She is maintaining her weight at 11.4kgs and we're hoping that it will increase even more with the re introduction of dairy (but not lactose). The feeding tube will probably stay in until the end of her treatment as a back up for when she becomes ill or her eating is disturbed for any reason. Both Russell and I have made our peace with this and most of all Paige seems undisturbed by having the tube in.

Her four week cycle rolls around again next week with a shot of vinctsitine and 5 days of the Demon Dex...stay tuned

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