10 September 2012

We have more Neutrophils!

If I do say so myself, Paige is looking really good, and she has so much hair and beautiful skin.

We decided to take advantage of the recent spike in neutrophils and take the kids to Marwell's Zoo. Since seeing Joanne with baby Ciar, Paige is now even more fascinated with babies. She now takes her dolly in her own play buggy everywhere! Unfortunately we took both baby and buggy to the zoo on Saturday. Paige insisted that she had to push along the buggy at her own rate and direction. There was simply no negotiating with her. Of course it all ended in tears with her screaming and rolling around in the grass while all the other families stared at us. Clearly the terrible twos are in full gear! What it also means though is that she must be feeling fantastic. She hasn't had oral chemo for about 6 weeks and neutrophils for about 4 months! In spite of her tantrums though, Paige did manage to pick up dolly, climb onto her own buggy, and hold dolly in the air over the wall, so that dolly could see the penguins :-)

On Sunday we braved it again and it was much more successful, the kids had a fabulous time and Russell and I were able to relax and enjoy the day as well. The best part of the day for both Samuel and Paige were rolling down the hill in the play area!

Today Paige had her appointments with the optician and orthoptist, and I am pleased to report that her eyes are working well for her age and she does not require glasses :-). Even better news is that her neutrophils are now up to 3.4 and Dr Morgan has given the go ahead for her to resume oral chemotherapy, but at 1/4 of her regular dosage initially and then review her blood count again in a week's time. The general feeling is that Paige may only need half of the required dosage for the duration of her maintenance. She also had her vincristine today and started her five day course of Dexamethazone.

Tonight we also tested her with lactose free dairy and so far so good.....In other news big brother Samuel has started his 'big' school last week Thursday at West Hill Park, and by today didn't want or need us to stay with him, when I picked him on after his first day he said "Mummy I love it here, I want to come here every day!" by Friday afternoon we were heading over to the playing field rather than the car. So it's safe to say that he has settled in quite nicely.

All in all things are looking up....finally but as usual things can change very quickly so we live and enjoy the good moments as they present themselves.


  1. Lisa, I am so pleased to read your blog today. I do continue to hope and pray that good days filled with smiles, laughter and love come round more and more for you all. Love and positive energy for Paige and you all.

  2. thank you Asha, for always sending us your positive energies hopefully we'll catch up sometime soon, you seem to have had your fill of troubled times as well....

  3. Russ & Lisa,
    Wonderful news about the neutrophils, and even about the tantrums as they certainly indicate a normal, feisty 2-year-old! You're quite right to cherish the good times, as we all pray that there won't be too many more of the challenging ones.
    Great news also about Sam. That boy has such an amazing attitude!
    Please give both of them a huge hug and kiss from Auntie Nancy, even though they don't know me.
    Love to you all,